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i am SUPPOSED to be writing a press release for Time Out New York at the moment, but since inspiration has yet to strike and an incident from last night has been burning my ass all day, i figured i'd take the time out to write to you instead.

in the past i know i have made reference to the issue i'm about to bring up. in fact, i wrote a list of "Performer Dos and Don'ts" at some point last year (which, OF COURSE, i can't seem to find anywhere now) covering everything from showing up on time to having your act together to acceptable behavior. apparently not enough people got the message.


it always blows my mind when a performer (burlesque, gogo, acting, etc) decides to treat other performers in a less than pleasant manner, on stage and off. in the years i've been "on the scene" i've encountered this numerous times, and each time it happens i shake my head, laugh to myself over how ridiculous it is, and then move on with my life.


what i'm getting at is you never know when something will bite you in the ass. the performance community is VERY small, even here in NYC (and i'm talking acting, storytelling, comedy, burlesque, dance, etc - each of these scenes overlap and believe me when i tell you i know/have dabbled/have friends in each!) and people talk. that gogo girl you decided to trash talk that one Friday night on the town? she may know the producer of the storytelling show you're dying to get into,  and believe me, there is such a thing as bad press! no on wants to hire or work with someone who is known to be a diva bitch. in my own show i will not book someone who's a known troublemaker. i don't need the drama. on top of which in any industry NETWORKING is huge - burlesque and gogo are no different.


this doesn't mean you need to (nor should you) kiss everyone's ass and pretend to be their friend. people can smell phony friendliness just as easily as they can cattiness. professionalism (even in a club/bar!) can go a long way and believe it or not, may one day be what makes or breaks you getting booked for that gig!


remember, you don't have to LIKE who you're working with, but you should at least respect them (and yourself) enough to conduct your behavior like an adult!


enough said!


i stumbled across some images of a painting by artist Charles Malinsky that i modeled for last year. the series of paintings is called "The Black Coat Project", and i'm so very lucky to have worked with someone as talented and charming as Mr. Malinsky.





and a short video explaining the series:




I'd Have All The Yakkie in the World, if I Was a Healthy Curl....

if you know me at all by this point then you know how obsessed i am with WIGS of all flavors and varieties.

not just for performing and shoots, but day to day as well. wigs and Barbie hair are the sure fire remedy for my style ADD - having had mega short hair for nearly 10 years it's the way i can change up my look without the pain of growing out my hair or doing anything super drastic, like paying $$$ for glue in extensions. i have around 15-20 wigs sitting in my costume closet at this point.



                                                         latest edition to the Fresh n Fierce family


surprisingly enough, Ebay sellers from China have been the most reliable, affordable, and highest quality i've found in a long time. this long length synthetic wig was (i believe) $25 plus shipping and handling - you'll EASILY pay $30 minimum for the same quality wig in a much shorter length at any beauty store here in NYC. i ordered this a week or so ago and it arrived today - which actually was kind of a long wait. the last few times i've ordered from China it's only taken about 4 days for the package to arrive.



                                                                    with glasses


if any of you out there are cosplayers/performers, i highly recommend Chinese sellers on Ebay!


i'm gogo dancing at Lucky 13 Saloon tonight in Park Slope, so if you're in the area be sure and stop by! no cover, and DJ SuperMorgan spins while Melody pours the drinks! it's on like Donkey Kong, folks!!

Burlesque Beauty Apathy Angel Featured in Latest Issue of Leg Show Magazine!!



                                         Apathy Angel Feature Interview in Leg Show Magazine


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Good Morning Internet


Working hard (hardly working?) at Riot Avenue - Wednesday nights at Hanky Panky/Webster Hall NYC


so it's been a hot minute since i've kept any kind of proper blog, and to tell you the truth i pretty much thought i was over the whole "sharing with the Internets" shenanigans but the other day i realized that outside of random photos that get posted to Facebook and make probably about 0 sense to anyone who WASN'T there, i haven't had any sort of diary about my life as a performer in about 2 years.

so long story short, i figured the easiest way to remedy that (and make sure i actually keep up with it) would be to start a blog on my SITE so that way you can stalk/check up/AND read my rantings all in one convenient place instead of spending the 5 seconds we all know it takes to Google my other interwebs outlets. i plan on this blog being mostly BurlyQ related, but since i've got my fingers sticky in a whole bunch of pies i'm sure there will be other nonsense added in as i see fit.


so let's get into it, shall we??



i spent the day art modeling at FIT, which is a gig i have about once a month. probably one of the most laid back art modeling gigs i have as well. roll in at 11, hang out in the models "dressing room" for about 2 hours, break for lunch, then MAYBE 1 1/2 hours of actual modeling once we get back. plus they're all about the costumes, so getting to show off that part can be fun too. of course, it's significantly LESS fun when the MTA decides to pull its weekly DGAF nonsense and the train gets stuck underground for ONE HOUR on the way to the school (2nd time in two days). speaking of the MTA, my actress friend Megan (whom i met on the set of Men In Black last year) and i hit up the Transit Museum in Brooklyn this weekend and if there's one thing i took away from that outing it's that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED SERVICE WISE IN THE 100+ YEARS THE MTA HAS BEEN AROUND. at least they're consistent.

TWINZIES! Backstage at Brick City Burlesque/ Hell's Kitchen Lounge last Thursday with Cookie the Cat, getting ready to perform Pussy Control


i spent Sunday doing background work on Ben Stiller's new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which apparently also has that Adam guy from Parks & Rec (or so said the other BG actors - i don't really watch TV so it could have been anyone). Basically we spent the day shooting a scene where they're being pulled down the street on a dolly after a car crash (or at least there was a fake car crash) and fighting over a Stretch Armstrong. yea, i know. i'm pretty sure if the scene gets left in you'll get to glimpse me as i'm right near the slate. since it was shot on the street there was a crowd of fans/paparazzi flocking around taking photos/video/screaming at Ben and whatnot. of course when i told my mom about the shoot her first question was "What does he look like?" which i always find so funny because it's not like he's a radio actor or anything - i mean, it's not like i'm gonna say "Well, you know, I was really surprised. In real life he's a 6'4" black woman - movie magic!" *shrug*

tomorrow night i'm back performing at The Wolf Party at Le Souk Harem. i think i'm going to do my Ava Adore act - i LOVE this party - i think it's consistently one of the best, most innovative parties in the city right now, from the crowd to the performers to the guest DJs. it's so nice to go somewhere and see people actually putting in EFFORT - in the last year and a half that i've been performing at The Wolf i've noticed the number of kids that show up in a LOOK (and i mean a LOOK) just keeps increasing, and the outfits and costumes keep getting more and more complicated and creative. i'm hoping it's a sign of things to come. nightlife in NYC has become really whitewashed and boring in the past few years - everywhere you went it was "Bottles and Models" and really bland bougie crowds. nothing worse than performing an absurd striptease routine for a bunch of people who take their overpriced bottle of Svedka WAY too seriously! that said, the difficult thing about Le Souk is that it's a FLOOR SHOW and usually so packed you only have a very small amount of floor to work with - so i either have to come up with or modify acts so they'll work. the less props, the better!


oh, and just so you're warned, i WILL be promoting this nonstop. sorry in advance:

Sailor Jerry Presents: Corruption! Burlesque at R Bar, 218 Bowery Tuesday May 29th, 8pm. $10

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